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Networking Mixer and Open Mic – Recap

A big shout out to everyone that came to El Cid last night to help rock the event! Connections were made, mics were open and margaritas were drank.

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Here’s a brief snapshot and incomplete list of the party people in attendance:

Byron Gore – Singer/Songwriter

Tessa Phillips – Music Editor

John Wolanin – Online Music Licensing

David Brooks – Film Scorer/Composer

Matthew Rappoli – Composer

Eleanor Goldfield – Composer, Sound Designer & Engineer

Gerard Marino – Composer

Casey Imoor – Sound Design, Mixing, Composition & Production

Jeff Gross – Music Producer, Foley Mixer, Musician, Studio Owner & Writer

Devon Abiles – Tracking, Mixing, Mastering, Editing & Beat Making

Rachel Dunn – Cinematographer

Matty Karas – Musician

Owen O’Toole – Filmmaker, Sound Artist & Composer

The boys of Falling Still 

Dante Dirusso – Drummer for Wooden Robot

Mike Simon – composer

Want to be on this list? Email me


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